Happy Camping

6 Reasons to have a Digital Detox at Greyton EcoCamp


  1. Load Shedding will feel like a distant memory. While everyone else endures a mild panic attack because they are missing 7de Laan (or their Netflix fix), you will be blissfully soaking up the sunset with sun-downers at the river’s edge – the best live stream, for sure!



  1. Twitter never sounded this good. Ditch the endless stream of self-promoting tweets for something far more rewarding. There is no shortage of birdlife in Greyton and you can spot a wide variety of birds at the EcoCamp. From Blue Cranes and Hoopoes to Sunbirds and the resident pair of Owls. You may even hear a Woodpecker. There are field guides available to borrow so you can identify the birds you see.




  1. It may not be a 5 star getaway, fit for the wannabe stars of Instagram – but they have nothing on the 5 bajillion stars you will see on a clear night out here!




  1. There is nothing quite as exhilarating as having nowhere to be and all the time in the world to get there. No notifications reminding you to update your status, make that appointment or arrange that thing means you can indulge in the moment without any interruptions.




  1. No billboards or pop up ads bombarding you to part with your money so random people will be jealous of you. Instead you will be walking comfortably in your fluffy PJs and mismatched socks to the bathroom and along the way you’ll pass other PJ wearing campers, a couple of horses and a few cows – who all think you are just lovely, by the way.



  1. No more bad news headlines plastered on lampposts reminding you to fear thy neighbour – or Facebook feeds filled with apocalyptic posts. Just trees and flowers to stroll by… and the peaceful security of nature, right here, right now. For a moment, all is well.



The Greyton EcoCamp is situated on the banks of two rivers.

The Gobos is ideal for the little ones in the family, with a few deeper sections for summer dips. A short walk away brings you to where the Riviersonderend meets the Gobos. Here the lush banks and epic mountain views surround excellent swimming spots for the whole family. Sunsets at the riverside are especially memorable.

There are designated fire pits and shaded camp and caravan sites as well as flat lawn areas and a play area for the little ones. Solar powered showers and lights in the ablution blocks with flush loos; hot and cold water in the indoor scullery.

Mountain biking and hiking routes nearby – maps available from the managers on site.

Day visitors and group bookings welcome. Pet friendly by arrangement.